Time for CAMEX

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Camex_MBS overhead

When was the last time you took a ride through the country?  There is something special about the back roads when time is your friend.  You enjoy the journey.
You notice the picturesque dust cloud behind the tiller, as the sun’s rays reflect through the afternoon.  The sky is bluer; cotton is whiter when you have the time to appreciate the moment.  Spring brings side of the road trees electric with lavender clusters of wisteria and railroad trestles of green, course-fibered kudzu.  You don’t get that on the interstate.
Our highways of convenience are filled with fast food.  No, give me a slow helping of a meat and three vegetables.  I like a menu hand written on a worn board, as you walk through a screen door, from a gravel parking lot.  You know, where they leave a pitcher of sweet tea on the table.  You take the time to appreciate where you are.
Time.   It is too often measured in minutes and not experiences.  Demand for time is often at a premium in conventional halls.  There are allotted times for education and networking; there are times for show specials and vendor presentations.
CAMEX, the campus market expo, is the annual celebration of the higher education industry we uniquely call our own.  It’s a time when our minds will be opened to new concepts.  We will hear about the hot new colors for fall and exciting applications in management systems.  There are times for this and that, and of course, times we are exhausted.
Hugs around the shoulders of renewed friendships lift our spirits.  There are laughs we only share at CAMEX.  We’ll also remember and miss attendees who aren’t at this year’s show; the ones who came with us, and before us, to create this special event.
Other friendships are through vendor relations and partnerships.  It’s an opportunity for MBS to say “thank you,” and “how can we help you.”  I hope you take the time to stop by our educational sessions, to recharge your training, and come see us in booth #1947.  We understand your time is limited and value the moments you share with us.  Come by for your free MBS-UPS box to send home all your trade show collections.  We’ll even ship it home to you at no cost.
Value your time at CAMEX.  Take the time to enjoy the journey, to learn from others and share your knowledge.  Don’t count your minutes.  Enjoy your experiences.  It’s time for CAMEX!
Safe travels, my friend.



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