Climbing Higher

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August 001A

We are the parents of a three year old.  He lives a scary life, just ask him.  “Will, do you want Daddy to tickle you?”
“No, too scary!” he responds running in different directions.
This was to be the summer we conquered potty training.  Every morning we go through a routine as expected as Pop Tarts and orange juice.  Will sees us laying out his play clothes and big boy underwear.  “No (under)wears, too scary!” he shouts as he throws his Disney Nemo drawers in the air.
Catching fire flies, in tiny hands, on summer evenings: “too scary.”  So are 4th of July sparklers, and new vegetables at dinner time; okay I’ll give him that one.
This summer we have sought shade under the green foliage of our backyard Red Maple.  Tripp, our 11 year old son, and outdoorsman of his generation, grabbed a limb and pulled himself into the tree.  A few lunges, and pulls, and he was halfway up the trunk.  Will was elated by this performance of skill.  “Tripp, you’re a monkey in the tree,” he said laughing and pointing.
Expecting to hear his go-to phrase, “too scary,” I asked Will if he wanted to climb the tree with his older brother.  “Yes, please.”  Wait, what was that, as Will reached for the lowest branch.
After lifting him onto the Maple limb I had to hold his ankle to keep him from rising higher than I could reach.  The child who claims to be afraid of everything was climbing his first tree and asking for a banana.  “I need a nana.  I’m a monkey in a tree!”
Many times our hesitations of new experiences lead to caution.  However, if someone takes a lead, and proves it can be done, it’s far less scary.
A revolution is sweeping the college bookstore industry.  Rental books are quickly becoming our students’ alternative to paying high publisher textbook prices.  They expect a rental option in today’s competitive market.  Do you have an in-store rental program?
By executing the MBS in-store rental program you control both the front end retail pricing, and the end distribution.  This positioning creates the opportunity to realize higher profit margins.   MBS can issue a guaranteed quote today to be realized in December upon the books’ return.  If you want to keep the book for your shelves for a future term, you are not required to ship it.  It’s a no obligation, no commitment from the stores, rental program.
MBS Rental is not scary.  I encourage you to set aside your hesitations and embrace the opportunity.  It’s an experience we can lead you through to success.  I’ll help you climb that tree and make it far less scary.  Realize your store potential to climb higher.






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